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How to remove safety cover from pool ? Tips for pool safety cover removal Number of visits: Date:2018-05-16

How to remove safety cover from pool ? Tips for pool safety cover removal


Summer is approaching and it's swimming season again. Here is the guide step-by-step of safety pool cover removal.

You can opening up your swimming pool by yourself easier. These tips will help to ensure that your pool safety cover is

removed without pollute your pool or damage the safety cover.


What you’ll need in safety pool cover removal?

1. Safety cover anchor removal tool (Rod)

2. Leaf blower or Broom

3. Hex Key

4. Pool safety cover storage bag

PS: The installing / removal rod was supplied with your pool safety cover.



How to remove mesh safety pool cover ?

1.Clean the pool safety cover before removing.Use a leaf blower or broom to remove leaves and debris of

the safety cover surface.

2. Insert the safety cover removal tool between the spring and the anchor.


3. Lower all anchors .so not to drag cover over raised anchors.

(carefully to removing a mesh safety pool cover,if not,this may cause unwanted rips and tears in the cover.)


4. Using the Hex Key provided rotate the anchor insert until it is flush with the insert.

5. Mesh pool cover storage: Fold the cover gently after it dry enough in order to prevent damage and too wrinkled,

In order to preventing mildew and mold, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the safety cover. Place it into the

mesh pool cover storage bag and seal the bag.You’d betetr store it in a dry and cool place.  


Follow that removal guide of pool safety cover,which can make the procedure more easier and faster.  For more 

FAQ about maintain your pool safety cover please check out this post. Hope you will enjoy the season with clean

and clear swimming pool water!



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