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How to remove a solid pool safety cover ? tips for removing a solid pool cover Number of visits: Date:2018-05-17

How to remove a solid pool safety cover ? tips for removing a solid pool cover


Our suggestion for remove the solid pool cover not only can make the process much faster, easier but also reduce

the possibility of damage the pool safety cover.Lets star to enjoy this wonderful season !


What you’ll need in winter pool cover removal ?

1.Pool safety cover anchor removal tool (Rod)

2.Pool cover pump.

3.Hex Key

4.Pool cover cleaning chemical

5.A pool cover storage box


How to remove solid pool cover ?

1. Remove the debris

First at all, you should remove the leaves and debris from the solid cover surface.This step will help to ensure that

your pool safety cover is removed without pollute your pool.


2.Draw the water with a pump.

If your swimming pool is safeguarded by a solid pool cover rather than a mesh cover, then you should draw the water off

before removing pool tarp. You can choose a pool cover pump the make it more easier.


3.Cleaning the pool cover by cleaner

 Spray the cleaning chemical cleaner on the cover surface and then rinse it off,keep it clean before a long time storage.


4.Remove the Cover Springs and Screw Down Anchors

Use rod to unhook every steel spring from the brass anchor.Then using the hex key to  screw down anchors from floor.

Using the hex key screw the anchor into the sleeve so it is flush with the deck .



Above ground pool cover removal

Grab the above pool trap by one corner then pull the cover over the pool and over the side of the pool until it's totally removed.

The pool cover ought to stay upright as you pull it off, so don't attempt to crease it over itself as you draw to make room.


Tips for Pool Safety Cover Storage

Place the safety pool cover in the clean floor after take if off the pool. sprinkle some baking soda on the surface to assist preventing

mildew and mold. When the safety cover is dry enough,fold it and put into the pool cover storage bag and better store in a cool, dry place.


We hope that the both the Inground pool cover and above ground pool cover removal tips above can helps.