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Which child proof pool cover is best?

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Which child proof pool cover is best?




When the winter come and you’re ready to close your pool for the season,

you will need to take measures to make sure your pool stays safety during the off season.

Someone rather to install a fence barrier to prevent accidental falls into the pool.f But if you

dont want to change the look of your pool, or if you are afraid your kids will find a way past a

fence,The child proof pool cover prices and cost are more cheaper than fence.

So,pool safety cover that sits directly over the pool is a good choice.




Choose a good pool child proof cover

There have so many products pool child proof, Including two main kinds of child proof covers:

solid and mesh pool cover. Both of them are installed using anchors in the concrete around the pool.

Which is the best child proof pool covers?


 Mesh Pool Cover VS solid cover

1.The mesh safety pool cover allows rain water and snow to seep through the cover and into the swimming pool.

but solid pool cover need a automatic pump to remove the rain from the surface. On the other hand,

mesh safety cover surface are dry after rain, so you do dont need to sweep cause the wind will just blow them off.



2. Solid pool cover keeps the pool water clean by protecting it from any debris. But using mesh cover you will need

extra time to clean it up when opening season, because some micro debris will fall down the bottom of the pool water.


Application of pool cover child proof

child proof above ground pool cover



child proof in ground pool cover