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Why you need a safety child pool cover? Number of visits: Date:2018-08-31


Why you need a safety child pool cover?


There have More than 300 children under the age of five drown in swimming pools every year.

And more than 80% of those fatalities occur in home backyard pools.You know many children a

re curious and fearless, they like to get into everything they unknown. So the Pool safety is critical.


You better to build a barrier such as pool gates, pool fences,safety pool covers and pool alarms to r

isk of a child drowning into swimming pool.A excellent safety barrier should prevent the kids from going over,

under and through the barrier to access the water when unsupervised. safety child pool cover is a good choice.



About child pool cover


A child pool cover is an important part for who have a pool at home. Accidents occur every year because

of children and pets falling in uncovered swimming of the most effective methods of securing

your pool on the market is using child pool cover.


Child pool covers serve to two main purposes: Keep your pool cleaning during the winter and keep child from

accidentally falling into the pool and to cover your pool. Many case have proven that safety pool covers can be life-saving.



Feature of child pool safety cover


1.The Child friendly pool safety cover designed to allow rainr through, but keeps the pool from dirt and debris.


2..Landy swimming pool child safety cover has a triple-seamed stitching that prevents wear and tear and guarantees safety.


3.Includes stainless steel hardware like spring, hooks and brass anchors. If you buy a pool cover,the installation tool is free.


4.That giving parents peace of mind with the swimming pool covers for child safety.


5.They are UV light inhibitor that protects against the damaging sun ray.