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Can I use a solar cover for pool in the winter ? Houston pool owner want to know more about the winter pool cover

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Can I use a solar cover for pool in the winter ? 

Houston pool owner want to know more about the winter pool cover



Stevedanni is a pool owner from Houston. You know live in Houston not need to worry about the freezing problem,

so stevedanni want to using a bubble pool cover to get a longer swim time. He put a heavy solar cover and let it overlap

the sides of the pool like a winter cover and not trim it to the inside of the pool. By this way Stevedanni can blow off the

many leaves that fall into the cover. But Stevedanni wanna know does bubble solar cover work during the long winter time?

Here are some other pool owner advices

Advice 1,From ID chem geek who have a 16X32 pool:


“It sounds like it should work so long as you tie down or otherwise hold down the cover to prevent it blowing away in wind.

I have an automatic electric safety cover and it works just fine in the winter (no freezing of the bulk pool water where I live)

and keeps the pool free of debris. You might get a pool cover pump to prevent water from pooling on top of the cover.”


Chem geek think it might work but better fix the solar cover to prevent cover loose and need a pump to dry the water. Actually,

Solar pool cover don’t allow the water though,the rain on cover surface will press the cover under the water.what’s more,

the pump is too heavy for a solar cover.



Advice 2,From ID Poolschoolgrad  who own a 20x40 pool:


“ Use a solar cover during the Spring and Fall to extend your swimming season, but buy a good quality winter cover if you close

your pool during the Winter. A good solar cover can extend your swimming season by several weeks each Spring and Fall;

 We tried using the solar cover as a Winter cover only once and the results were a disaster for our pool and for our cover.  

In the Spring, we spent hours trying to remove the now very heavy cover without spilling the leaf muck into the pool and without

tearing the cover. We ended up with loads of green and brown slime from the decomposed leaves, algae and debris in our pool.

It took hours to clean out the solid debris, several gallons of bleach for several days and almost a week of constant run time and

several back-washes for our DE filter to return the water to it's former sparkle. The layer of moisture on the cover throughout the

winter would freeze and thaw even in our mild SE US Winters.”



ID Poolschoolgrad was try to put the solar cover as the winter cover but he think it was a mistake because the pool become

a mess after the winter: The debris and leaves stuck to the surface of the rain soaked pool cover and formed a slimy swamp

during the winter. Using the solar cover as the winter pool cover may be shorter the service life of solar cover, it may have

simply been the extended time in the Sun or the decomposing leaves that caused the cover to break down.


 By the experiences they share above, We believe that solar cover is not a good choice for cover the pool in the winter.


Here are some more suitable winter pool cover:


1. Mesh pool cover:Fixed firmly over the pool and do not keep standing water.


2. Solid pool cover- now many solid pool cover designed with mesh drains to keep out the sun as well as do not keep standing water


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