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Which is the most popular pool cover for winter?What kind of winter pool cover do you use?

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Which is the most popular pool cover for winter?

What kind of winter pool cover do you use?



Here is a vote from TFP about What kind of swimming pool covers for winter do you use?

Lets view the result of the vote : About 18% voter Tarp the pool with water bags.

 About 33% voter using Mesh safety cover with straps to the deck. About 8% voter using

Solid safety cover winter with straps to the deck. About 11% voter Trap pool with tie-downs;

About 5% voter using automatic pool cover; About 5% voter using manual pool cover running in tracks;

About 2.2% voter using solar cover for winter and almost 21% winterize pool without cover;

It is interesting to see what kind of winter cover does people use.



If you do not cover the pool in the winter

What's surprising is there have almost a quarter of voter do not use  any cover for their pool during winter time.

I have never used a pool cover.I just fantasize about having one every November and December when the leaves fall,

skimmer baskets must be emptied almost daily and on some days hourly, and I'm in the big middle of preparations for

Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually I get behind, give up on pool care, and end up with a green pool in January.

                                                                      ----review from ID waterlily.




waterlily is one of those do not use the swimming pool cover for winter,but what he finally get after winter is a dirty

swimming pool with green water inside. waterlily said a mesh pool cover is what he want: Which allow the water fall

in but keep the leaves out.


Winter Pool trap with water bag

About 18% voter using pool cover with water bags. Those pool Trap for winter are only meant to keep the pool from

leaves entering but doesnt safety enough For My Kids. Remember that if you cover your swimming pool bay trap

with water bag,the threat of drowning is still there,you better using the pool fence at the same time to make sure it is safe.



In ground mesh winter pool covers

The vote re above show that about 33% voter using mesh in ground swimming pool covers with straps to the deck,

Which is the most popular pool cover in the winter. In ground mesh winter pool covers fixed firmly over the pool and

do not keep standing water.