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How to clean solid pool cover after it remove?

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How to clean solid pool cover after it remove?

The garden swimming pool is a luxurious addition to a real estate investment.

To keep a swimming pool free of leaves and debris it's important to use a solid

cover for pool when the pool isn't in use. When you ready to use the swimming

pool for the summer season, you must fold and store your pool cover in a safe,

dry place. The two major types of pool covers, solid and mesh, can be folded in

a manner that allows for efficient storage.if your pool cover which totally solid

it’s gonna take a bit longer and requires a bit more care.


How to remove solid pool cover?


1.The first step is use pump to remove the water on the solid cover for swimming pool.


2.Remove whatever was holding your cover in place. Stand at one end of the pool and pull

the solid cover out of the water, section by section. Fold the inground pool solid covers loosely

into a fan-shaped folds as you pull it out. Carry the cover to a driveway or debris-free section

of the yard for cleaning.


3.Unfold the solid swimming pool cover to for cleaning.If it’s water tubes, flip open the lids and drain them.

Hose them clean, fold them or roll them up and put them in a box, safely located for next time.



Store TIPS:

How to fold up the Solid pool Cover?

1.Depending on the size and shape of solid pool cover, you might need fewer folds to get the

tarp folded to a manageable size.Fold the cover into fan foldsaccordian foldsbecause it  

make installation quick and efficient. Roll the fan-folded cover tightly and tie the roll with rope

or twine to keep it from unrolling in storage. Store the solid pool covers for winter in a dry please,

away from insects and rodents.Better using moth balls to keep rodents away from the cover.

2.Start the cover removal process early in the day so the cover can dry out completely and be ready

for storage the same day.


3.Wet pool covers form mold and mildew in a short amount of time. If a wet pool cover is stored for

more than a few days, you will likely need to treat it for mold and mildew when you use it again.

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