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How to store winter pool cover

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How to store winter pool cover

When the swimming season roll up,so many pool owners become preoccupied

with getting the pool open and enjoy the swimming time so that neglect to properly

store the winter cover during summer. But Unfortunately a if you not stored pool

cover properly it would become a nesting area for rodents and bring not repairable

damage. The rodents will chew holes on the cover and it mean that when you open

the cover in the fall to close the pool for the year you will discover that your pool cover

now has dozens of holes from these critters chewing through the folded up layers.

So is it very important to store winter pool cover properly.



When to remove winter pool cover?

After the winter and you ready to swimming. There are many approaches to make it simple

to store the winter pool cover after the swimming season because it’s best to be diligent with

the use of the cover. Some pool proprietors, will remove their winter cover and cover the pool

with a thinner cover or a solar cover for the summer time.Now we have some tips for how to 

make sure your swimming pool cover is being good stored so that it is viable when winter come again.


how to remove winter pool cover

how to take winter pool cover off

Step 1: Use leaf blower to remove leaves and debris,then Clean the cover

Step 2: Release the springs.Use installation rod to unhook each spring from the anchor.

Step 3: Screw anchors flush,Using the hex key screw the anchor into the sleeve so it is flush with the deck.

Step 4: Remove the safety cover.

After it’s clean and dry, carefully fold it up and put it into a container for the store Make sure the

container can keep out any insects or rodents who might be looking for a place to sleep for the

swimming season. Remember Don’t fold it or pack it away if the cover is still moisture left in it as

that will lead to mold growth and that can destroy the cover. After the pool cover cleaned, rinse it

thoroughly and spread out to dry in the sun till it totally dry.

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