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Oval inground pool covers

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Oval inground pool covers

Mesh covers are exceptional winter use pool covers that help prevent

your family and pets from falling into swimming pool. Custom-shape

design to fit your pool perfectly and manufactured from the high class materials,

mesh pool cover oval shape are built with UL certificate that give them unmatched

strength and durability.




Advantages of oval swimming pool covers

1. Our mesh safety cover designed to inhibit the growth of algae in your pool.

long-lasting polypropylene to protect your family safe and your investment.


2. Mesh Safety Cover seams are interlocked and triple overlapped for optimum strength.

This seam is the foundation of landy safety covers.




3.Easy installation around raised walls, wooden deck, spas and other deck accessories.

Designed to maintain a tight cover fit. Perfect for narrow pool decks. All stainless steel

hardware with brass anchors.



How to measuring my oval pool?

The oval inground pool covers is one that will fit perfectly, deliver the performance and durability

you expect and meet your purchase price requirements.

IF you want to buy a oval mesh cover online,you should provide your pool detail. measuring your

 oval pool using triangulation is where you measure from two known points, A point and B point, to

dozens of points around the swimming pool, marking the points with a chalk. The common oval pool

has about 50 points, with rectangular or geometric shapes having fewer points. Measure from point

"A" to all the points, and then from point "B" to all the points. Then measure from points A and B to all

of the deck anchors or stakes around the pool, after numbering them with chalk or tape. Make a drawing

on the Measurement Form then send us, we can make any custom shape safety cover.


Application of oval shaped pool covers

pool cover 15 x 30 oval

12x24 oval pool cover mesh


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