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What are safety pool cover installation tool including?

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Safety cover parts in ground installation tool


Inground Winter pool cover installation tool Hardware including brass anchors(for concrete and wooden deck ),

steeliness stain spring,brass anchors fasteners, brass screw machine parts & components, Which provides in 

these hardware accessories durable usage value as well as suitability to be used in swimming pool areas.




About swimming pool cover tools

Anchor Hex Key: Safety cover Brass anchors use a ¼" hex key, or Allen key, to raise and lower the bass anchor

into the deck. Storing your anchor hex key inside of the handle on the installation rod is a good way to keep your 

cover tools from becoming lost. 


Installation Rod: This is the steel stain spring tool that is used to lever the cover springs over the brass anchors.

Cover tools are made from solid steel, with a comfort grip handle, and are long enough to help reduce lower back 

stress while installing your mesh safety cover for the winter. 


Tamping Tool: The tamping tools can both for the threaded brass anchor and for the pop-up style brass anchor. 

These aluminum tools are approximately 4 inches long and ensure that your brass anchors are firmly pressed into 

the concrete, so that they won't loosen up, and become "spinners".


Brass Anchor Removal Kit: Every safety cover will eventually have pins that won't spin, or stripped threads or hex holes.

This safety cover anchor extraction kit removes brass cover anchors from concrete decks in minutes. Everything you need 

in one Anchor Removal Kit, to easily tap the anchor and pull it out of the deck for replacement.