Water Drainage & Shading
The rain and the melting snow can go through the safety cover,
at the same time, it has good shading which up to 95%


Focus on the Safety of Yours and Your Family's
TC cover, good wear-resistant and tear-resistant, Provide you and your family a safe, durable and high-quality product.
Saving Resource
After using TC cover, the swimming pool can reduce 95% evaporation,save your water bill and save the use of chemical substances up to 35-60%.it is easier for pool cleaning and pool maintainance. save your time and money. Enjoy the fun of your swimming pool.
Beautiful Appearance and Variety of
Colors to Choose

Blend beautifully into your backyard,different colors bring a variety
of styles to decorate your backyard.
According to the report with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,The second major reason to cause the death of childred from 1 year old to 14 is drowning and dying. At the same time according to a research conducted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it says that 75% of the children involved in swimming pool flooding or drowning accident between the age of 1-3.
Anti pets,Birds,children,leaves,sawdust.
Reduce algae, evaporation, chemical use