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Type of Inground pool covers you can walk on

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Type of Inground pool covers you can walk on 

About inground pool covers you can walk on

There are a lot of different kinds of pool cover. one kind is used for family security.

Inground swimming pool covers is the one that you can walk on it. They must have

enough strength to support a person walk on it freely, and make sure it can easily

support the children's weight.


Type of swimming pool cover you can walk on

1. Mesh Safety Pool Cover : Make of pp mesh, reserved for pool covers that can support

the weight of a pet or children.Mesh safety cover are one of the most popular safety cover,

and least expensive of all safety covers. Water passes through these covers and blocks

debris from getting in the pool.


2.Solid PVC safety pool cover : can block 100% of sunlight so that prevent the growth of algae,

always keep your pool clean and clear. The solid pool cover not allow water to pass through so

that it require an pump to remove accumulated rain and snow water.Solid safety covers are fold up

same as a mesh cover for storage.


3.PC slat pool cover: hardtop hard pool covers you can walk on make of hard PC slat.

Automatic pool covers also are a good barrier over your pool that your child or pet can penetrate.

It's more convenient than others.

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