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kidney shaped pool covers for inground pool Number of visits: Date:2018-8-31

About inground swimming pool cover kidney shaped


Many people wonder if there have one kind of safety pool cover can suit kidney shaped pool?

And the answer is Yes! Safety pool cover  can be customized in shape and size, So you just

need to measure your pool measure Your Kidney Shaped Pool for a custom Pool Cover.

show the data to the pool cover manufacturer, then you will receive a safety cover which can

perfect match with your kidney shaped pool.



Choice for pool cover kidney shaped

Regular shape pool cover price is cheaper than custom one. If you want to save costs and do not

have high requirements for the appearance of the safety cover, you can buy a regular shape safety

coverto cover your  kidney shaped pool. This way the measuring is same with any other shaped pool:

Simply measure the longest and widest parts of swimming pool.



It's worth noting that you better buy a Regular shape pool cover that is slightly larger than your pool

actual size.(about 15-20cm). For example your pool actual size is 6m of the widest part and 10m of

the longest part, then you should buy a safety cover that is 6.2m x 10.2m.


But,if you want a pool cover that can fit perfectly in shape   Cick here to know How to Measuring the Irregular pool


Other material of pool covers for kidney shaped pools

In addition to safety cover, there are several materials pool cover can also be customized shape for

kidney shaped pools.Solar pool cover are the most common one that made in custom shape by simply

cut with household scissor. It’s convenient cause you don’t need to pay an additional fee for a professional 




Different Pool covers for kidney shaped inground pools Application