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Above ground pool covers you can walk on Number of visits: Date:2018-8-31

Above ground pool covers you can walk on


 There are a lot of choose when we wanna buy a pool cover,

every pool cover for your swimming pool usually has at least

one use for it. When choosing a pool cover you need to consider

of water evaporation,energy gain,heat retention,safety and the whole cost.



Some pool trap are simply designed to cover the pool during the non-swimming season, L

ike PE solid pool cover and XPE foam pool cover. Some pool cover like solar cover are seek

to reduce the evaporation during summer, and some seek to keep the pool safe,such as

solid pool cover and mesh pool cover. which winter pool cover is best?



Winter pool covers you can walk

There are two kind of winter pool covers for your choices: mesh cover and solid cover. 

Once you know more about each type of safety cover, you’ll be able to choose the most

suitable one for your own pool.


Mesh safety cover

The mesh pool cover provide superior protection for your kids. Advanced  technology design

safety covers strong and durable for you can walk on, so no kids can enter your pool when it is

closed in the winter. In addition,it require less maintenance because the water and snow can

 drain through the mesh and avoid the debris fall into the pool.



Solid winter pool tarp covers

The Solid winter pool cover are also installing with spring and anchors.they don’t allow any rain

 to seep into the pool.the advantage of a solid safety cover is that it blocks all of the sunlight which

helps prevent algae at the pool opening.