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Some advice on winter pool cover option - Which is the best winter pool cover for Michigan pool owner?

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Some advice on winter pool cover option - Which is the best winter pool cover for Michigan pool owner?




Janelle was bought a house with a shaped pool surrounded by trees in Michigan,

when they move to the house the pool had covered with a vinyl trap secured by ropes,

logs and cinder blocks. But after the winter, Janelle found their pool float with lot ofleaves 

and the blocks used in fix the trap had also fall into the pool.More than that, the pool trap

 had almost sank to the bottom of pool. Because this pool opening nightmare, He have a

bad impression that a vinyl pool trap is not a good choice. Janelle want to seek advice from

pool owner to find another good options for winter pool cover.



Here are some pool owner advice:


Advice 1,From ID n8henry who have a 16x32 pool in Michigan:

“If you have trees you will need to clean the leaves out before winter hits or it will end up a green mucky mess.

That being said, it should not get into the pool unless the cover is in bad shape. You will also have to drain

rain/melted snow off the cover. I've always used a standard tarp type cover with water bags and haven't had

a problem with debris in the pool at opening or with the cover falling in. If I had the extra money I would love a

safety cover. I think they look much nicer.”


 n8henry think that the safety cover is much nicer for winter.



Advice 2,From ID chiefwej  who have 16x36 rectangular pool:


“Well the title of your thread says you are looking for the "best". A custom made safety cover may set you back

a couple thousand dollars. If you don't want to deal with manually putting a cover on, for even more money you

can add a retractable cover to the pool. 

Honestly if you can afford it, the safety covers are great. I had a safety cover on my previous pool and it looked

good and worked well. Since I never close my pool where I now live, I have no need for a cover. If I did close the pool,

I would buy one in a minute.”


chiefwej think that the automatic retractable pool cover is a convenient choice for Janelle but it need add more cost.

The safety covers are great choice cause it more affordable and work well.


Advice 3,From ID Zimm

“I just ordered a solid with mesh drains. Dealer says it's the best of both worlds. Blocks all light and tree junk,

but allows enough water to filter through the vents to not require a sump pump. It takes a few weeks to have

made so you should work quick if you want one for this winter.”


Zimm said the solid pool cover with mesh drains can not only anti sunray and leaves but also don’t need a pump

to dry the surface water.


 After receiving the suggestion above, Janelle narrowing down her decision of picking the winter pool cover.

But she have another question: Which is best shape pool cover for her pool? The customer order shape or

the regular shape?


Many pool owner have no idea of how to pick the suitable cover shape for their odd shaped swimming pools.

If you want a perfectly match pool cover the pool cover manufacturer will provided instructions for measuring

after you order. If you have no high requirement for the backyard appearance you can buy a regular shape

pool cover for save the cost on customization. The regular shape pool covers safety performance are as same

as the customized one.



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