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Pool Covers vs Pool Fence, can they work together?

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Pool Covers vs Pool Fence, can they install together?


An alarming percentage of accidental deaths of kids are due to

drowning in home pools.If your family have little kids - having an

open pit of pool in the garden can be downright scary. Pool safety

is listed one of the top concerns about pool ownership.If you have a pool,

it’s important to invest in protective way to keep children safe when the pool not in use.



Many pool safe measures like pool alarms,Door alarms and pool barriers.

you also can teach your kids swim lessons and make a strong pool rules.

However,now we gonna focus on pool barriers,which are the best ways to

improve pool safety ?




Many ways can add barriers of Protection around your pool, and a multifaceted 

approach makes sense. There are two safety products that are commonly used

for this – a pool safety cover and a pool fence. Pool safety covers can help

prevent this tragedy, but are they a replacement for a pool fence?


Pool Covers vs Pool Fence?

Let’s see what the pool owner think? Here is a the review from a pool owner ID:kupermanp :

“When we moved into the house we put up a loop lock cover and a safety (mesh) fence

(two toddlers at the time). The fences are a real eyesore (at least to me) but they do work

great on small children. You have to be careful with the gate as they can come out of line

and then they don't latch (looks like they are closed, but they aren't . Not very safe).

Also by the time my son was 4 he could climb over the side of the fence and get in the

pool area. 
If I had to do it all over again I'd have gone with the safety pool cover. Everyone can open

and close it. Its safe, you don't have to make sure its latched and no one can climb over it.

Its also way less of an eyesore (at least to me) than the fence”




If you’re considering the safety cover, you have to makesure you using a pool cover which

 is designed specifically as a pool safety cover.because most pool covers are no defense


against accidental drowning.the common cover like solar pool covers and thermal pool covers

will sink under the weight of kid.

So if you are not using the safety cover,It’s very important to pay attention that kids could

possibly undo a pool cover, so it’s crucial that they are monitored when they are near the 

swimming pool to prevent this from accident. the pool cover have not safety function should

be paired with a pool fence for additional safety.


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