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  • Name: Child proof pool safety cover
  • Number: LD-TC04
  • Shelves time: 2017-05-10
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Child proof pool safety cover


1.Introduction of Child proof pool safety cover

According to the study results of CDC,the number of drowning incidents involving children has increased in recent years.drowning is the leading cause of death for children under four,but these accidents are  preventable if you take a right measure for pool safety. There are many options of pool safety products for kids,do you know how to choose? Compared to the pool safety fence, kids safety pool cover can provide more comprehensive protection for your family, a child safe pool cover is very necessary for every family. Landy TC-Cover® child proof pool cover helps ensure the safety of your children and pets from falling into pool when your pool isn’t in use and no one to supervise.

2.Product Advantages of Child proof pool safety cover

1.Landy TC-Cover® swimming pool safety covers exceeds ASTM standards for safety as well as many local safety requirements.


1.If you are a inground pool owner,you should take more attention to prepare a safety cover perfectly fit your pool,because the underground pool is more accessible for children.Landy provided custom safety swimming pool covers for different shape of inground pools,even the odd shape there are TC-Cover® safety cover to fit with.


3.Using the best materials and best-quality hardware, Landy ingroung pool safety covers can provide the best and strongest support for your family. Tencate supplies their good-quality materials, which has meet and exceeded ASTM standard.


4.Landy inground pool safety cover’s exclusive mesh lets water through while providing 95% shade to significantly reduce algae growth. With this cover, you don’t need to take weeks and cost hundreds of dollars to get your pools clean and clear enough to swim in.


5.Landy safety covers for swimming pools is so lightweight, putting it on and taking it off your pool for customers is a snap.


6.Landy swimming pool safety covers is online with Environmental protection concept. Eco-friendly materials are poison-less and harmless for the environment.


3.Child safety pool cover Detail

1.To provide extra strength and reduce premature wearing, Landy skillfully reinforce both the top and bottom of the inground pool covers with polypropylene webbing.


2.TC-Cover® is secured to the pool deck and held taut on the pool with our high-quality safety cover mate


3.Landy uses extremely high-strength, non-corrosive pool safety cover stainless steel springs springs for superior weight-bearing capacity.


4.The triple thick hems are double-stitched using UV-resistant nylon 4 threads.


5.Landy use 87% black yarn in our mesh fabric for superior UV stability.



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