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  • Name: Inground pool safety covers
  • Colors: LD-TC03
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Inground pool safety covers


1. Introduction of inground pool safety covers


Landy TC-Cover® inground pool safety covers are an attractive and functional addition to your outdoor environment, and cost effective for family and commercial use. Inground pools not only need liners to protect inside, but also covers to protect outside, keeping everything out of the pool. Without pumps, heaters and filters, Landy safety inground pool covers are low-prices but best-quality. With custom inground safety pool covers for any shapes, any sizes, Landy offer you inground pool covers for safety that you can walk on, which is highly-safe for children and pets.We carry a large selection of safety Pool Cover for your inground pool at the low prices to meet your pool cover needs.



2. Advantages of inground pool safety covers 

  • Landy TC-Cover® safety pool covers for inground pools are economical and cost effective, because you do not need to buy water pumps, bags or electric engines as our competitors.
  • We provide two kinds of brass anchors to fit different decks: for concrete and wood decks, to meet different needs.
  • TC-Cover® inground pool safety covers are strong and tough enough to support two adults with one child standing together meanwhile, without any tearing or breaking. Imagining how safe your family will be with TC-Cover® ingroung pool safety covers protection.
  • Covering the inground pool with TC-Cover® safety cover can prevent anyone, especially children and pets, from falling into and accidentally drowning. It can also keep dust, leaves and debris out of the pool, which significantly cuts down on maintenance.
  • Landy swimming pool safety covers inground  allow water to go through. In summer, it avoids the dangerous water in the raining day; while in Winter, it also support the weight of snow and let water through when the snow melts. In this way, TC-Cover® inground pool safety covers can prevent children from drowning into the dangerous water.
  • Landy has a great design team for inground pool safety covers, with the best-quality that it is hard and stable and safe.We computerize the pool size,make sure our pool cover can perfectly fit the your pool.


3. Details of safety pool covers for inground pools 

  • Made from 100% polypropylene, Landy inground pool safety cover is nearly 50% lighter than solid covers for easier installation, removal and storage. 
  • With a bursting strength of 350 pounds per square inch, this safety mesh cover is strong enough to support two adults and one child meanwhile.
  • TC-Cover® stand behind our inground pool covers with a limited Lifetime Warranty! From rustproof brass anchors to secure the cover to 302 Grade stainless steel springs that keep the cover taut on the pool, Landy hardware is built to last!
  • Replacement brass anchor assembly for inground swimming pool safety covers and mesh covers. Solid brass screw-type anchors fit in the pool's perimeter decking and are used to anchor the Safety Cover for the off-season.
  • Landy uses extremely high-strength, non-corrosive stainless steel springs for superior weight-bearing capacity.
  • Landy TC-Cover® inground pool safety cover is anti-UV and anti-algae, keeping the pool water clean.