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  • Name: Above ground pool safety cover
  • Colors: LD-TC05
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Above ground pool safety cover


1.Introduction of Above ground pool safety cover

Since safety being a top priority of all pool owners, safety pool cover is a necessary accessory worth investing in, especially for those who own an above ground pool. Landy Tc-Cover® is a manufacturer mainly producing pool safety covers for above ground pools. The above ground pool safety cover it produces has the industry's best combination of abrasion resistance, tear strength, burst strength, and sunlight shading. Landy  heavy-duty pool cover is the best above ground pool cover as it effectively protects the pool during severe winter weather.

2. Product advantages of Above ground pool safety cover

1.Landy Tc-Cover® safety covers for above pools and spas can prevent squirrels, pets, and other small animals from falling in your pool when they try to take a drink of water.

2.Tc-Cover® above ground pool safety covers is hard and stable for you can walk on and strong enough to support the weigh of several adult. With over 15 years experience in swimming pool industry,We have made it our mission to provide the most innovative and high-quality safety pool cover for above ground pools to our customers.

3.Our huge selection of above pool coverings is sure to have the perfect option for your needs, with comprehensive choices for both in ground and above ground pool covers, for various shapes of above pools like rectangular above pools. If you’re not sure which option to pick, please give us a call, we are here to help.

4.Tc-Cover® above ground pool safety covers are good-quality. Its well-built coating and polyethylene scrim can resist the harshest winter weather.

5. Our above pool safety cover features a super-strong fine weave fabric which lets rain and melting snow to pass through, while keeping leaves and larger debris from contaminating your pool water.

6.Landy offer customers kits like brass anchors.If your above ground pool with desk, we will offer you the unique anchors suitable for wood desk.





3.Safety cover for above ground pool Detail

1.Made from 100% polypropylene, Landy inground pool safety cover is nearly 50% lighter than solid covers for easier installation, removal and storage.


2.Landy sew the webbing to the cover using contrasting white thread, instead of black, to ensure that not a single stitch is missed.


4.Includes winch and vinyl-coated cable for easy installation. For better performance, all seams are heat-sealed.


5.Landy uses extremely high-strength, non-corrosive stainless steel springs for superior weight-bearing capacity.


6.The large X-tacking on Tc-Cover® straps is sewn manually for precise placement and maximum strength.