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  • Name: Stainless Steel Spring
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Pool safety cover springs




Stainless Steel SpringIt is constructed of stainless steel and 8 in. long which is

used to get a nice taut, well fitting cover.You don't need to replace it unless your pool 

safety cover experiences a very heavy snow load without the support of water within

the proper 18 inch under the safety cover.


Our safety pool cover springs cover springs are exceptionally durable, crafted of 316

Marine-Grade Stainless Steel. 



1.Attaching cover straps with buckles and springs.


2.After placed anchors on the ground by use a hammer, using the tension bar to pull the spring away from the pool until the spring slides over the anchors make sure the spring is around 50% compressed.


Noted:You won't find cover springs rusting, but they can bend out-of-round, if the pool cover receives a large snow load, with the pool water level lower than 18" from the underside of the safety cover. Damage to cover springs can also occur if the cover straps are tightened too tight, so that the spring is completely compressed.