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Brass pool cover anchors

There are two types of brass anchor: wood anchor and screw type anchor. The first one is used for wood deck installation while the second for concrete deck installation.



Wood deck anchors are designed to improve grip on wooden pool deck installations. The anchor‘s horizontal flange spread out the tension of your safety cover, providing a safer and more secure installation. You should pre-drill the screw holes and use a Forstner bit to counter-sink these wood deck anchor flanges to be flush with your deck’s surface.If you have a above ground pool with wood deck, you can choice this one.

For wood decks, using our wood deck brass anchors and drill a hole with 1 1/2” diameter to a depth of 1/8”. Then drill 3/4” diameter holes at least 2” deep, or through the deck, in the center of the original 1 1/2” holes. Drop the wood deck anchors into the holes and Screw the anchors to the deck.





Screw-Type Brass Anchor Sockets measure 13/16” diameter x 1-5/8” tall and are the same barrel size for all manufacturers. Actual screw thread may vary from one manufacturer to another.  Anchors ship complete with barrel and screw. Landy Pop-up Brass Anchors are available as a complete replacement assembly for Landy safety covers or will replace any other brand of screw-type anchor.  




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