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  • Name: Tension Bar
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Pool cover installation Tension Bar


Tension Bar: This is the tool that is used to lever the cover springs over the brass anchors. They are made from solid steel, with a comfort grip handle, and are long enough to help reduce lower back stress while installing your mesh safety cover for the winter. Other manufacturer's cover installation rods are made of flexible plastic, or are not as long or strong as ours.It can make your safety Pool cover installation more easier.



Installation:After placed anchors on the ground by use a hammer, using the tension bar to pull the spring away from the pool until the spring slides over the anchors make sure the spring is around 50% compressed.


Remove:When removing a safety cover, insert the installation rod between the spring and the anchor.Lower all anchors so not to drag cover over raised anchors (if not, this may cause unwanted rips and tears in the cover.) Tip the rod towards the cover to slip the ring off the anchors screw. Carefully pull the cover off the pool, clean it, place it in bag and in dry place for storage.