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Safety Pool Cover Accessories


When it comes to installing your pool’s winter safety cover, there’s nothing like having the right tools to get the job done faster and easier. These safety cover installation tools give you added grip and leverage to make sure your safety cover in on securely for the entire winter while taking pressure off your back, shoulders and arms. We will provide all the pool cover parts for you after you buy the safety pool cover.

Safety Pool Cover Accessories include cover hardware (brass anchors, stainless steel springs, spring sleeve, buckle) and safety cover tools (anchor tamping tool, allen wrench and tension bar).



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1.Brass Anchors

a.Wood Anchor

Used for wood deck installations.

b.Screw Type Anchor

Used for concrete deck installations.

2.Stainless steel spring

Used to get a nice taut, well fitting cover.         

3.Spring sleeve

Used to protect the spring and the deck.

4.Tension Bar

Used to install and remove springs from anchors. 

5.Anchor Tamping Tool

Used to install brass anchors. 


Used to attach the stainless steel spring to the strap. 

7.Allen Wrench

Used to adjust anchor insert height.