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  • Name: Garden High Strength Inground Safety Blue Fine Mesh Pool Covers
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Solid safety pool cover

1.Introduction of Solid safety pool cover

TC-cover® solid pool cover is completely impenetrable, providing excellent protection for your kids and pets.

With the solid safety pool covers, you don’t need the security fence around your pool,for the reinforced PVC

fabric coated with anti-UV and combine with durable cross woven polyester make the safety cover strong 

enough to support the weight of several adult. The solid pool cover can block all debris  and sunlight,

So When you open your pool in the spring, the water will still clean and clear,and you can enjoy your happy

swim time quickly without too much maintainment.



2.Product Advantages of Solid safety pool cover


 1.This is more cost-effective than the pool safety net. It can helps you save the money on cleaning pool water.


2.TC-Cover® solid PVC pool cover can block 100% of sunlight so that prevent the growth of algae,always keep you clean and clear.


3.TC-Cover® Solid pool covers is safety enough to support you can walk on, even if the pool have no guardian next to the child you can rest assured duringthe pool is not in use.pump off puddled water.


4.We also offers the solid cover with a mesh drain for those customer who love the advantages of a reinforced pool cover but don’t want to


5.TC-Cover® solid cover is generally very easy to put on and take off with a special tools but complicated enough for kids so it acts like a safety device. 




3.Solid safety pool cover Detail

1.Landy Web both the top and bottom of the cover with polypropylene nylon webbing for extra strength.

2.Sew large X-tacking on the straps manually for maximum strength.

3.Use extremely high-strength and non-corrosive stainless steel springs for superior weight-bearing capacity.

4.Use stainless buckles which will not rust or stain the deck of the pool.

5.We use the 550gsm PVC specifically for the use of swimming pool covers because its

U.V. treated & chemical resistant.

6.Reinforced webbing top and bottom on every seam and around the perimeter.

7.The solid pool cover kits include unique anchors for inground pools and above ground pool with wood desk.