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  • Name: Mesh Pool cover fabric
  • Colors: 008
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1.Introduction of TC-Cover® Mesh Pool cover fabric

Landy TC-Cover® pool fabrics available in variety of color,widths and structure,made of lightweight,


durable woven polypropylene mesh fabric.The pool cover fabric is high density and block most of the


sunlight so that it can significantly reduce the growth of algae.The excellent treatment for the mesh 


pool cover fabric guarantees it has the advantage of anti-UV, anti-chemical and anti-absorbent, as


well as consistency and aesthetic appearance.TC-Cover® fabric is widely used not only in the 


swimming pool safety cover but also widely used in livestock dusts, irrigation filters and truck covers,etc.





 2.Product Advantages of TC-Cover® Mesh Pool cover fabric


1.TC-Cover® fabric is meet the ASTM standards.


2.Offers extra comfort with its high density smooth surface.



3.TC-Cover® fabric resists mildew and provides outstanding UV protection



4.Durable and long lasting,maintains high strength in the toughest conditions.



5.Can be custom designed and available in a variety of sizes.



6.Chemical resistant and significantly reduces the growth of algae.



4.TC-Cover® Mesh Pool cover fabric Detail


1.The fibers are thermally interlocked to provide a smoother, stabilized surface that can withstand

constant flexing and stress. 


2.TC-Cover® unique mesh structure allows water and melting snow to drain through,but block the


leaf and debris and the same time.


3.TC-Cover® pool cover fabric uses 87% black yarn in our mesh fabric for superior UV stability.



3.TC-Cover® Mesh Pool cover fabric parameter







            5.Certificate--ASTM F1346-91