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  • Name: Safety Cover Repair Patch Kits
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Safety Cover Repair Patch Kits - A simple, inexpensive solution to repairing your safety pool cover.

They are intended for rips, tears and/or areas with extreme abrasions. The kits can be used on any

brand of safety cover and are available in 2 different colors (blue and green). The patch should extend

over any damaged area by at least 1.5 inches on all sides. Trim the hole so the material will lay flat.


Made of durable woven safety cover material and backed by adhesive, ultra patch is designed to repair

tears and holes in mesh safety covers or solid winter covers.


Size: 4’’*8’’ wide patch

Self-adhesive peel and place backing

Color: standard blue and green

Package: 3 per pack

Solid or mesh types available



Clean damaged area of cover and let dry (use a heat gun to dry if you have one).

Remove back of patch to reveal self-adhesive.

Firmly press onto area. Use two patches, one on top and one on bottom for double-strength. Not recommended for use on holes or tears larger than 3’’.