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PE Above ground pool cover


Landy Winter Cover is a UV-resistant polyethylene solid winter cover for above ground pools.

This cover includes a four-foot overlap, making this cover easier to secure to your pool than other

pool covers.The cover should be able to comfortably float on the pool water without excessive stress.

This cover is constructed with a polyethylene material that weighs 2.36 oz./yard2. Both the scrim count

and material weight are good indicators of the strength of your pool cover. A cover with a high scrim count

and heavy material will last longer than inferior covers.


1. Protects against sun, snow, ice and wind

2. 4-feet overlap to fit most top rails

3. Heavy duty cable and winch tightener included

Triple laminated polyethylene. Double stitched and triple thick hems using UV resistant nylon threads.

12x12 scrim per square inch.Comes with a vinyl coated cable & winch. Double grommets every 3 feet.

Ultraviolet light inhibitor protects your pool from the sun.

Limited Warranty: 12 years (3 Years Full)



1. Keeps pools clean and free from dirt, leaves, and debris

2. Stops chemical loss through evaporation

3. Prevents algae growth

4. Protects pools from winter wear and tear

5. Eliminates costly maintenance and spring cleanup

6. light weight easy to install and handle. energy: increased heat retention by up to 75% reducing CO2 emissions. water: reduce water evaporation by up to 97% 

9. save cost: reduced running costs of anxolliary heating system of up to 85%. 

Reduces chemical consumption by 50-70%.

10. Increases temperature: increases pool temperature by up to 8°C

11. save time: reduces 95% of dust and debris entering the pool and save cleaning time

12. Protect your children and pets from fall into pools.


1. Properly prepare your pool co receive the pool cover.


Before placing yourwinter pool cover on the pool, remove or pad all exposed sharp edges that could tear or otherwise

damage your cover. This could be done with cloth tape, masking tape or foam rubber Check top rail, deck, fence or

any other area which could come into contact with your Cover.


2. Inflate ice equalizer pillow 3/4 full and secure in pool center by tying grommeted ends to

pool side wall. These support lines should not be too tight, but allow the equalizer to float up

and down on the water. (figure 1)


3. Before placing pool cover over the pool, pool water should not be less than 6"from the top

of the pool. Where a through-the-wall skimmer is used, cover up the skimmer opening.


4. Place cover over your pool so it rests on the water surface and the excess material hangs evenly over the sides of the pool.


5. Lace the vinyl pool cover cable through the grommets around entire pool (figure 2)


6. Insert one end of the cable through opening A and the other end through opening B of

ratchet. Bring both ends through the opening in the tension drum from opposite directions.

figure 3)Pull ends through until cable appears reasonably taut around pool edge.


7. To keep cable from slipping back, and to apply additional tension on the cable, ensuring

that the pool cover is securely fixed for the winter, turn the tension handle clockwise until

cable is tight. The ratchet lock will automatically maintain the tension on the cable. It is

it, causing it to billow or flap, damaging the cover. NOTE: To loosen cable tension, simply

turn the tension handle clockwise slightly, lift and hold the ratchet lock out of its position

and allow tension drum to unwind counterclockwise, releasing cable tension.



1. How do you measure an above ground pool for a cover?

Oval Pool Liners. If your vinyl pool liner is oval in shape, you will want to measurethe length from end to end at the

center and the width in 2 or 3 places and then take the average of the width. Again, measure inside wall to inside wall

for length and width to get the correct pool liner measurement.


2.  What needs to be done to winterize an above ground pool?

Several days prior to closing an above ground pool, test the water for pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and chlorine. ...

Step 2 Above ground pools need to be cleaned before winterizing. ...

Winterizing chemical kits are available to help protect water quality during the winter months.


3.  What is a scrim count?

The term scrim has two separate meanings in terms of fabric. In each case, it refers to woven material, one a finely woven

lightweight fabric widely used in theatre, the other a heavy, coarse woven material used for reinforcement in both building and canvas making.