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  • Name: PVC pipe swimming pool cover frame
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PVC pipe swimming pool cover frame


1.About pvc pool cover frame

The Landy Solid pool cover PVC material is a effective physical barrier to prevent kids drowning. 

pipe swimming pool cover is easy to use cause it can quickly and easily be taken off and on the pool.

This pipe pool cover is supported across the swimming pool with aluminium pole One end gets secured

and anchored into place with a stainless steel hook and plate. The opposite end have corresponding

ratchets which allows the cover to be tightened.

2.Advantages of PVC pipe pool cover

1.The aluminium pole is secured within the PVC Pool Cover.


2.made from aluminium battens and industrial strength stainless steel ratchets,Strong enough to supports

the weight of kids and adults.


3. There have no more parts like spring and anchor, making the PVC pipe pool cover

 quick and easy to use.


4.PVC pool cover pipe with ratchets for tension as a holder to support the cover above water.