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 Diy pvc pool covers

1.About pvc swimming pool cover

pvc pool covers is a security barrier for a pool, conforming to ASTM safety standards as it supports

the weight of two adults and a child. Except for safety, pvc pool covers also be used to reduce water,

chemical and power usage,helps us saving cost.


2.Advantages of pvc pool covers

1.swimming pool cover pvc is ease of use and Simplicity of design


2.This is not only a pool cover for safety, but also seek to increasing water temperature, eliminating evaporation,

stops algae forming, keeping leaf out the pool and save on chemical.


3.Save Excessively on your Electricity and Maintenance Bills by reducing evaporation of water and by keeping leaves

and debris out of your pool.


3.Application of diy pvc pool cover

pvc above ground pool cover

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