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  • Name: In-ground swimming pool leaf cover,leaf and debris pool
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In-ground swimming pool leaf cover,leaf and debris pool covers

Type of pool cover leaf catcher

Leaf Pool net

Simply install the leaf net over your swimming pool will make the pool opening season more easier.

But the leaf net not meet the requirement of completely safe,and some brands of leaf net have larger

mesh that allows small debris to fall into the pool water. But compared to other pool leaf blanket,

leaf nets are more lighter and more convenient to installing.



Pool cover leaf rake

This mesh rake ensures your leaf rake pool net handles big and small clean ups with ease.

 For leaves on the pool surface, laying on the floor, the leaf rake can be used quickly to remove

from the surface to the bottom.




Swimming pool cover for leaves

leaf pool cover make removing leaves that do fall onto your pool easy to remove. This pool cover to

keep leaves out and make removing leaves that do fall into your pool easy to remove.

The swimming pools also need to be covered when they are not used  to help reduce unnecessary

repair costs.Mesh pool cover and solid pool cover are basically designed in a way to help keep

unwanted leafs and remains away from the pool. Those cover also serves as a safety cover.


Advantages of swimming pool leaf cover


1. Because there being less particle matter to absorb the chlorine and less solar ray so there will less

chemicals required. Plus it will reduces algae growth.

2. No leaves and debris fall into the pool water will Save our time of cleaning.

3. leaf pool covers reduce water evaporation because they protect the water from solar and wind.

4.Easy to install and remove

6.Leaf pool covers is available in many custom sizes of standard pools for in-grounds, rounds and ovals.

7.There have various kinds of pool covers available and are custom fitted to fit your pool. You can choose 

one according to your need.