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  • Name: polypropylene mesh pool cover fabric (brown and black)
  • Colors: 085
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polypropylene mesh pool cover fabric (brown and black)

About polypropylene mesh pool cover fabric


The mesh pool cover fabric Material is constructed of 100% polypropylene.

This kind of mesh fabric has an exceptionally High bursting strength.

Landy PP mesh fabric for pool covers are the durable fabric has excellent

 tear strength and abrasion resistance.It filters leave and debris while allowing

water to freely drain through the mesh.It is a good choice for a combination

of protection and value.


Feature of pp pool cover mesh fabric


polypropylene mesh pool cover fabric



Brand Name





Solid Pool cover,ruck Cover,Curtain, etc

Fabric Material





200m / customized

Application Product

mesh safety cover


Advantages of fine mesh pool cover fabric


1. Available in 4 color.

2. 100% made of Polypropylene Material.

3.Anti UV and Mildew Resistant.

4.Allows Water To Drain Through

5.Excellent tear Resistant

6.light weight and easy to installation and removal


Application of micro mesh winter pool cover

Safety cover made of the resistant mesh fabric material that is very light,

safe and easy to installing. Mesh fabrics allow all the water to drain through

into the swimming pool.It protects the swimming pool from leaves and dirt and

 protects children and pets from accidentally fall.