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  • Name: Above Ground Winter Pool Cover with Home/Resort Wood Deck
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Above Ground Winter Pool Cover for Home/Resort Wood Deck

Superior Strength Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

Landy Above Ground Winter Pool Cover safeguard your wood deck pool and protects it during harsh winter condition in one easy step. All seams are welded with double-perimeter webbiong and double-thick straps. Unlike Polyester woven,Polypropylene mesh fabric is rugged and chemical stable which is unusually resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids.Above ground winter cover is suitable for both home backyard and resort hotel outdoor wood deck.

Lightweight and Easy to Install and Store Above Ground Winter Cover

As putting a safety pool cover on above ground pool is more difficult than in-ground pool, lightweight but strong cover material would be reasonable.Thanks for Landy lightweight polypropylene mesh fabirc, only two man could put it on a 12x24 rectangular above ground pool cover easily. It‘s easy to maintain while mesh fabirc requires no scrubbing when you remove it.


Features_Pool Safety Covers - Safety Pool Cover - Landy safety swimming pool cover

1.Winter Pool Cover Protect Yours Family from Accident

Landy winter covers are designed and produced in accordance with ASTM F 1346-91; Above ground winter pool covers would safeguard your family and pets and protect them from accidental entry into the onground pool.

2.Super-clean On-ground Pool in Spring

Keeps leaves,critters and debris out. More dense mesh cover is, less dirt accumulate.4.73 oz/yard higher dense manual winter cover above ground ensure super-clean pool.

3.Durable Safety Winter Cover Accessoris

Non-corrosive 304 stainless steel springs for superior weight-bearing capacity and wall anchors won't stain rock walls like other made of zinc. 

4.Low Maintenance Winter Safety Covers with Decks 

The pure winter safety covers allow water and snow to drain from the surface of the mesh fabric net cover and leaves dry up and blow away.

The aluminum tips won't rust or stain your wood deck.

5.Fix Firmly Safety On-ground Pool Cover

Some people prefer to choose polyester(PP) woven pool covers for their on-ground pool as its cheap compared to other pool covers.However, it's also easy to scrap with undurable cover material. The PP woven cover is easy to tear and unsafe due to punching a hole on the mesh cover directly to fix it on the deck.But Landy above ground winter pool cover is fixed firmly by high quality brass anchors and stainless steel spring. They combine to crate an anchoring system that keeps your Landy Safety Pool Cover aut for years.

specification_Types_Pool Safety Covers - Safety Pool Cover - Landy safety swimming pool cover


With Landy mesh safety cover, Protect pets from entry into the outdoor backyard  pool though you are far from your home.

Which Landy Safety Pool Cover is Best for you?

  4.28/ lightweight original mesh allows water to drain from the surface of the leaves dry up and blow away.

  6.34/ super mesh could be shade 98%light and the special weave allows water to drain from the surface and it's regarded as the most safety covers compared with other   three one.

Accessories_pool safety cover-safety pool cover-Landy green inground pool cover

To show our commitment and dedication to the security of your Pool Covers have passed extensive inside and outside safety testing through UL, SGS etc.

For only use white polyester-bonded marine thread for its safety pool covers. Its durable thanks to its great UV resistance while other outperform darker or cheaper threads are proven to deteriorate in half the time.

Besides, the PVC rubber strap allow the mesh better close to the ground preventing slipping.


Why Choose Landy Safety Pool Cover

Landy Above Ground Winter Pool Cover Contrast

Pool VS Pool with Winter Pool Cover

In the pool offseason, an empty,unsupervised on-ground pool might be an invitation for disaster. But LANDY above ground winter pool cover produce in accordance with ASTM standard which you can walk on. Hence, there are no security risk if using Landy safety mesh pool covers for commercial public pool or home backyard above ground pool deck.

Before and after above ground winter pool covers-Landy on-ground pool cover

Solar Cover VS Safety Pool Cover

Unlike the solar pool cover, LANDY above ground winter pool covers built super strong to protect children and pets. Men can walk on the manual safety cover when the on-ground pool is not in use in winter. As the image shown, this solar pool cover would be better for sunny day to prevent evaporation while is a unsafe solar blanket after just a few rains. However, LANDY above ground winter pool covers stays beauty and safety in any elements.

Solar Pool Cover VS Mesh Safety Cover-Landy Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

certification_pool cover safety - UL safety pool cover-Landy pool guard

Safety Cover will have a 15-year prorated warranty. All safety pool covers are designed to meet ASTM Standard . Besides, the mesh composition testing result comply with the limits of by RoHS DirectiveEU) 2015/863 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU.

We has got the quality management system certification of ISO9001 (2015) and environmental management system certification of ISO14001.  Landy set R&D, Marketing & Sales, Production, Shipping at one.  We have received 16 patents towards pool cover and other related products.


application_inground pool safety cover-home backyard pool cover - onground wood safety pool cover -Landy

Landy above ground winter pool covers are applied in commercial and home usages.Mesh Pool Cover or Solid Pool Cover, which one is your best choice based on cost,pool cover shape,safety,installation etc

 Home Backyard On-Ground Pool Cover

Still enjoy the same safety protection that owners of in ground pools have enjoyed with Landy Above Ground Safety Cover.

 CommercialInground Pool Cover

Off season, an empty, unsupervised commercial pool can be an invitation for disaster. Locked gates or fences alone have proved ineffective in preventing children and pets from gaining to the pool the off season, an empty, unsupervised commercial pool can be an invitation for disaster.

 Childproof & Pet Safe Pool Cover

Four options from 4.75 ounces per sq yard to 6.34/ for you to choose. All have Protect Kids and Pets from entry into the swimming pool.

applications_blue safety cover - pool safety covers - mesh and solid pool cover-Landy safety cover

Leaves Block Mesh Safety Covers

Even though the rain will get through, you won’t have sticks, leaves, and bugs on the bottom of your pool come spring. 

 Solid PVC Pool Cover

Block 100% of sunlight and UV rays 

 Resort Restaurant Winter Pool Covers

Low Maintenance Cost of water, chemical & fallen leaves treatment