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  • Name: Blue Solid PVC Pool Covers Frames
  • Colors: Blue,Grey,Green
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Blue Solid PVC Pool Covers Frames

If you need a safety pool cover, increasing water temperature, eliminating evaporation, stops algae forming, keeping dirt/debris out the pool and save on chemicals + electricity, then look no further. Vinyl PVC pool cover offers 100% safety and sets perfect fit pool covers for different size and shape pool. Unlike most PVC pool covers, this solid pool cover with drainage holes prevents rainwater from accumulating on top of the cover, something that poses a threat to curious kids.

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Benefits Of Solid PVC Pool Covers

  • Simplicity of Design:Solid PVC Pool Cover is designed in such a way that it can simply and quickly be pull on or off your swimming pool.
  • Child Safety: An adult and a child even your dogs can safely walk across the cover.
  • Durable and Strong:Made from U.V.treated & chemical resistant 550 grams/sqm PVC reinforeced fabric and anodized aluminum poles.Solid Safety PVC Pool Cover features drainage holes to eliminate these pools forming on top of the cover
  • Energy Savings: Solid vinyl pool cover reduces evaporation loss(up to 90% less) and PVC pool cover with aluminum tubes can block all sunlight from a pool. This feature inhibits algae growth,allowing for less chemical input. 

PVC pool cover colors-Color options of solid pool cover

Aside from safety,Landy stylish PVC pool covers are available in blue,green,grey and tan. No cross webbing for super strong protection and a debris-resistant surface incorporate it with the décor of your home and can be matched to the colour of your outdoor living area.

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Maintenance Note of PVC Pool Cover

The Solid PVC Pool Cover can only be fitted to pools with a width no greater than 5.4m.

The vinyl fabirc material is flammable and should be kept away from any sources of heat/flame.

It is fitted with drainage holes to prevent the accumulation of water.Dust and debris that accumulates on the cover may infiltrate the pool through these holes. Should the drainage holes become blocked allowing for water to accumulate, this water MUST be removed.Otherwise, it may result in damage to pvc pool cover and pose a potential droning disaster