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How to Measure a Swimming Pool for a Cover?

How to measure a swimming pool for a Landy pool safety cover?There are two measurements for your square pool or uniquely curved pool.Let's check it.

Easy Measurements for Square Pool Cover

If your pool is a standard rectangular one,pool measuring is simply a matter of measuring the maximum water level width (W) and length (L)by using tape. Pool safety cover is generally 60cm(24 inches) more than the pool size but there might be special point (less than 60cm)if the edge is narrow or there are some stone near the pool.Mutiply the LxW to give a square meter figure for calculate the cost of your Landy mesh pool cover.If you have a uniquely shaped pool like kidney pool,roman pool or freefom pool, treat it as rectangular.Certaily, you could also use AB measurement for them.

Regular Pool Shape-how to measure a swimming pool for a cover

A/B Measurements for Irregular Curved Pool Safety Cover

A/B Measurement sheet:Contact our sales to send you by email or download it on Landy oogle drive

The first step is look around the pool and then draw a sketch of the pool.

1, Next you will begin marking your A/B points. You will want to find the best position for your A/B points. The distance between your A/B points should be 20’. AB line and the pool should be parallel.

Using your chalk - draw your A/B points on the Pool Deck.

Measure the distance between your A/B points, to begin the measuring process.

2, Mark many points around the pool edge. 

①Do not need to evenly mark every points

②These plot points should be approximately 2-3’ apart.

③The plot points in the area whose radian change is large should be about 1’ apart.

④The plot points located in the turning point of the pool should be marked.

⑤Mark a circle if the line between two points is straight.

3, Begin by marking your first point and mark “1”, directly in front of point A at the coping. Continue marking every points around the pool clockwise. 
It is helpful to number each points as you mark the deck. This will help make sure you do not lose your place when taking the measurements.

4, Next you will begin measuring from point A to your plot points around the pool clockwise. Measure from point A to 1, then point A to 2, and so on all the way around the pool. Taking note in the Measuring Form.

Do not take B measurements until you are complete with all A measurements.

5, Measure clockwise from point B to 1, then point B to 2, and so on all the way around the pool. Taking note in the Measuring Form.

6, If there are other facilities within 2 feet near the pool, please mark them. And measure from these points to A/B points, then taking notes in the Measuring Form.

7 Pick two or three points at each bulge areas of the pool, and connect the diagonal points. Then measure these lines. Taking notes in the Measuring Form.

8.After completing the measurement,sent us the form. We will computerize according to the data that make a pool cover to perfectly fit your pool.

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