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Some Tips of Winterize Pool In Winter?

Wny Need Pool Winterization?

Why do you need to know how to winterize pool in winter? If you live in a mild winter,there are no need to think about winterizing pool but if you live somewhere with frost,heavy snow and deep cold elements,pool winterization is critical to protect your pool from winter damages and keep it in good condition when openning in spring.

pool water level tips-Landy safety pool cover maintenance

How to Winterize Pool?

  1. Clean your pool one last time

    Before you winterize, clean your pool. Vacuum the entire pool, brush down the walls , and skim the surface.

  2. Add Winterizing Chemicals
  3. Lower Your Pool Water(If neccessary)

    Do you need to lower your pool when winterizing? The answer depends on your pool skimmer protection. If you don't want to use winter pool skimmer cover worring about freezing and cracking,just drain the water below the skimmer. If you want to use skimmer,just remove the hose from the skimmer so that it can drain properly and install the skimmer, so no need to drain the swimming pool.Be sure not to drop the pool’s water level more than 18” from top of pool during winter months. Failure to do so will place undue strain on the cover and void the warranty.

  4. Important Tips: Don't drain all pool water when winterize pool as vinyl pool liner will dry out, greatly shortening its life.
  5. Install Your Pool Safety Cover

    Almost done.Put your pool safety cover on your pool.The cover is designed to screen out leaves and other debris. Clear water can only be maintained if proper levels of chlorine and algaecide are maintained.And the springs should be very taut upon initial installation. In time, the cover will relax and the tension will ease. During winter,you should keep an eye of safety pool cover and try your best to keep it dry. Buying an pool cover pump if neccesary to help remove excess water and keep your pool cover in good shape.

  6. Some other tips for Winterizing Pool:

Pool water maintenance-algaecide-chlorine

• Debris may be easily hosed off a properly installed cover.

• Removal and subsequent installation is made easier if the cover is fan-folded. 

• Store the cover in the mesh storage bag included. Hang the bag off the floor so the cover can drain.

• Flush out anchor casings with a hose several times a year to prevent sticking. Spray anchor and casing with silicone.

• For solid cover owners: To clean the debris screen, remove cover, open and fold back the mesh panel on top of the cover. Hose the filter screen off from behind to remove fine debris. Close panel and store. • For solid cover owners: Cover must be suspended above the pool’s water level in order to drain. Excessive melting snow and spring rain can raise the pool’s water level too high for cover to drain. If this occurs, simply drain some water from the pool until the cover is suspended above the pool’s water level. Be sure not to drop the pool’s water level more than 18” from the top of pool. Straps and springs may need tightened to achieve proper tension.

How to repair a Safety pool cover?

Not sure if your safety cover need to be repaired or replaced? Email us some pictures of your cover and we’ll happily advise you.

Safety pool cover repair

Usually small rip or tear in a pool cover under 6"in length can typically be patched by yourself 

With a pool cover repair patch kit.We can send the pool cover repair repair kit straight to your door.Safety covers that lose their straps along one side of the pool, or have holes larger than 6"need to be sent to us for proper repair to ensure safety. 

But if you've got a rip along one whole side of the cover, or if the tear is long and curved, or if the seams or straps are seriously damaged, repairing the pool cover may be impossible, or with little chance of success. You need to replace your cover because this cover is no longer considered safety cover any more.


Tomake a good cover repair, here are some tips:

1.Clean and dry the area to be patched.

2.Cut patches to create rounded corners, or oval patches.

3.Patch on both sides for extra durability.

4.Place something heavy on the patch for 6-12 hours before folding.

5.Don't fold the cover on the patch, allow it to lay flat.

safety pool cover replacement

Replacing your safety pool cover is easy and convenient. 

Send an email or call us directly to tell us that you need to replace your cover. Since your original cover design drawing is safely on file in our cover library, we can make a new cover that fits as perfectly as your original cover for you. If you need some change, you can also tell us. We can revise the design according to your requests. 

If you have a non-Landy safety cover and want a replacement, we can also help you. What you need to do is contact us and then send the original cover to us. By using the original cover as a template, we can re-make almost any of our competitor’s covers with proper measurements.

We will send the new cover to you as soon as possible. And you need to pay for the new cover as well as deliver charge