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1.Mesh pool cover reviews by Miss.Hannah

 “Dear Landy, we recently took delivery of the custom pool cover for our 50,000 gallon pool. Our inground pool shape is extremely unique with numerous vegetation features around the perimeter; therefore I was extremely nervous in purchasing this custom built cover. All that being said, the cover arrived the perfect size, with everything necessary to install.  Long story short, excellent work to you and your team.”



2.Winter pool cover reviews by Mr. Gavin

"Got the pool cover today and it fits like a glove with all my existing anchors. I didn't have to redo even one anchor, and it fits perfectly. Everything needed was in the box, and I am extremely satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the cover. Since I did the initial sketch/dwg, I was nervous about the fit, but it fits great. Dealing with your company has been an extreme pleasure, and an example of customer service that you don't see much anymore. From the gal that answered the phone initially, and got me to Landy himself...through all the revisions of the drawing, all my questions, etc........all were great to work with."


3.Safety pool cover reviews by Miss.Alexa

"The sales staff was wonderful I answering my questions and concerns. They even emailed me the safety cover pattern do I could check my diving board position and skimmer to make sure that the anchors didn't fall on the same spot. I received the cover in 5 days. I thought that was quick. I needed wood anchors and they were cheaper than anyone selling a safety cover. I only paid the difference between the concrete anchors and wood anchors. Everyone else charged the full price of wood anchors. I am very pleased in the customer service I received. I will be back for things t h at I need that they sell."


4.pool safety covers reviews Mr. Jacob

"This review is not so much about the product as it is about this company however. I received a fast courteous response to the questions I had on this item. This was only surpassed by the amazingly quick turn around time from ordering to delivery."


5.Custom pool cover reviews by Miss.Hannah

"Landy was extremely helpful when I was ordering my custom pool cover. There were some questions about the measurements I provided. So, I was able to provide a few more measurements and approve the design which was sent to me. I received prices from several other companies. The prices were similar but the customer service was not. None of the other companies provided a design to approve. The cover arrived as scheduled and it fit perfectly. I will definitely recommend US Hardware Supply to all my friends."



6.Winter pool covers for inground pool reviews by Mr. Andrew

"Amazing service. Once ordered, there were some questions about the measurements I provided. after the call, I was able to provide a couple more measurements and approve the design. Awesome product. I would recommend to any in ground pool owner."