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Pool Satety Cover Installation Instruction

If you have any questions about the Safety pool cover installation, please feel free to consult us. Installing a safety pool cover does not require hiring a professional installer, you and your family can complete the installation with the installation instructions ,save your installation costs. The tools kit will be provide to you for pool safety cover installation.

Landy Manual Pool Safety Cover Installation in 8 Steps


Landy safety pool covers are simply the best product to protect your family members.In order to install the cover quickly, pls stick to the procedures below.


 Landy safety cover installation Tools &Accessories
Put pool safety cover on pool
Adjust the pool safety cover
 Install cover straps-Pool safety cover installation-landy
Mark holes-pool safety cover installation
springs install-pool safety cover installation

1.Pls remove cover from bag and when you open the bag, you can see Landy pool safety cover installation Tools&Accessories.


①Spring PVC cover
③Brass threaded Anchors or Brass threaded Anchors for wood floor
④Stainless steel Springs
⑤Tamping tool
⑥Allen wrench
⑦Tension bar



2.Unfold the cover carefully on long side of pool and place the cover carefully on pool. (Keeping water levels up, supports the cover during installation).







3.Adjust the cover so that it overlaps the pool evenly on all sides and corners and make sure they are even.








4.Attaching cover straps with buckles and springs.






5.Beigining with the center straps of the length and width. Mark where holes are to be drilled, approximately 20" from the pool cover edge. Once the anchor distance is confirmed, snap a chalk line along the width and length of the deck to install anchors evenly and straight.











6.Make holes on the ground for the anchors.install anchors-pool safety cover installation

7.After placed anchors on the ground by use a hammer, using the tension bar to pull the spring away from the pool until the spring slides over the anchors make sure the spring is around 50% compressed.

fix anchors-pool safety cover installationHow to use Tension Bar to fix achors?

8.Install the cover spring to the anchors in below sequence to make sure the cover is properly placed.

Install cover spring-pool safety cover installation-Landy

When removing a safety cover, insert the installation rod between the spring and the anchor.Lower all anchors so not to drag cover over raised anchors (if not, this may cause unwanted rips and tears in the cover.) Tip the rod towards the cover to slip the ring off the anchors screw. Carefully pull the cover off the pool, clean it, place it in bag and in dry place for storage.

remove pool saferty cover-take off safety cover-Landy

Pool Safety Cover Installation Tips:

  1. The water level of the pool must not be more than 18” below the cover and check the water level regularly.
  2. Concrete decks should be a minimum of 3 inches to 4 inches deep to ensure that anchors are secured.
  3. For wood decks, using our wood deck brass anchors and drill a hole with 1 1/2” diameter to a depth of 1/8”.Then drill 3/4” diameter holes at least 2” deep, or through the deck, in the center of the original 1 1/2” holes. Drop the wood deck anchors into the holes and Screw the anchors to the deck.
  4. To prevent damage to the cover, do not drag it. The labels should face up and all of the strap reinforcements should be facing down.
  5. If your pool has any areas with cut-outs or zero tolerance areas (e.g. walls, waterfalls or elevated spas),install these areas first. If there are several areas like this, start at most complicated.